Extensions de garantie et support - PROJ-EW1YR-I


Add piece of mind with this extended warranty. The PROJ-EW1YR-I warranty extends the projector warranty by 12 months for the IN5100 and IN5300 series of large venue projectors.

- PROJ-EW1YR-I is available on the following projectors:
- IN5122, IN5124
- IN5132, IN5134, IN5135
- IN5142, IN5144, IN5145
- IN5312, IN5314, IN5316HD, IN5318
- Exchange warranty
- Includes parts and labor
- 2-year extended warranty also available

caratéristiques PROJ-EW1YR-I


Infocus:\n- IN5122, IN5124\n- IN5132, IN5134, IN5135\n- IN5142, IN5144, IN5145\n- IN5312, IN5314, IN5316HD, IN5318
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