Ordinateurs portables - Multi Roller


Spacious trolley with tablet pocket
Multi Roller lets you transport your notebook securely and comfortably and also has space for your accessories and other personal belongings. The notebook is safely protected in a designated notebook compartment with metal wire frame. This compartment is cushioned with High Density Foam and has a strap that keeps the notebook in place. For your tablet there is a padded pocket designed to fit tablet PCs up to 10”.

The second main compartment is spacious enough for clothes or folders and there is also a slip pocket for documents. Accessories such as mobile phone, pens, passport and business cards are always at reach in the compartments in the front pocket. The bag has high quality wheels that roll smoothly and they can also be replaced if needed. Multi Roller has a comfortable handle and a removable padded shoulder strap for when you want to carry the bag. On the back of the case there is also a trolley fastening strap should you want to put Multi Roller on top of another bag.

caratéristiques Multi Roller

Poids et dimensions

3,45 kg
Dimensions du compartiment de l'ordinateur
380 x 40 x 265 mm
Taille d'écran minimum compatible
35,56 cm (14")


Taille maximum d'écran compatible
39,62 cm (15.6")

Autres caractéristiques

Dimensions (LxPxH)
450 x 250 x 370 mm
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