Lecteurs cassettes - DLT VS80



The suitable backup routine : provides the best protection against data loss of all kinds

tape drives make backup fast, easy, affordable, reliable.

Reliable - When it comes to data protection, it's safety first. Tape has proved itself a reliable medium, and tape drives themselves have never been more reliable

Data loss is a serious threat to companies of all sizes, and catastrophic data loss can destroy a business. But most data loss isn't the result of a big disaster, it's caused by human error, viruses, and disk malfunctions. A suitable backup routine provides the best protection against data loss of all kinds. And tape technology remains the most efficient and cost-effective means to back up your system, whether you're a small business or a global 24x7 operation.

tape drives make backup : Fast - Speed is critical because your data is constantly growing while the time available for backup is shrinking. Even the slowest tape drive writes 1 MB per second and the fastest 30 MB per second - that means a 200 GB backup can be completed in less than two hours. Easy - Unlike other storage methods, tape drives offer a range of media that allows you to back up all the data on a small to medium-sized server - up to 200 GB - on a single cartridge. And tape backup captures your system setup information, as well as your data, allowing you to restore your entire system when disaster strikes. What's more, your software can schedule backups to happen automatically at the time most convenient for you. Affordable - Per gigabyte of storage, tape is the most cost-effective way to store large amounts of data. The compact size of tape cartridges also helps keep down your storage costs.

The HP StorageWorks DLT VS80 Tape Drive is a mid-range backup solution.

The HP StorageWorks DLT VS80 Tape Drive offers a reliable mid-ranged DLT based backup solution. With its 80 GB capacity, the DLT VS80 provides a high capacity, high-speed tape drive, for the mid-range customer at a valued price. The DLT VS80 Tape Drive has a transfer rate of 6 MB/sec compressed, and can store up to 21 GB of compressed data in an hour, a full 80 GB in less than 4 hours. With its economical price and low cost of HP media, the tape drive provides outstanding value to customers. (Native capacity 40 GB, uncompressed transfer rate 3 MB/s). The DLT VS80 Tape Drive comes with numerous features such as HP StorageWorks Library and Tape Tools (L&TT) for troubleshooting and Tape Alert for monitoring the drive and media. It is compatible with native Windows, VERITAS, BrightStor, TapeWare and other backup software applications. Additionally, the DLT VS80 Tape Drive is read and write compatible with the HP StorageWorks DLT1 and can read DLT 4000 Media.

caratéristiques DLT VS80

Détails techniques

Ratio de compression

Configuration minimale du système

Systèmes d'exploitation compatibles
Microsoft Windows 2000 & Windows 2003, HP-UX, Alpha Tru64

Poids et dimensions

1.45 kg
Dimensions (LxPxH)
148 x 221 x 44 mm


Temps moyen entre pannes
200000 h

Support de stockage

Capacité (avec compression)
80 Go
Capacité d'origine
40 Go


Poids du paquet
2.72 kg
Dimensions du colis (LxPxH)
238.3 x 162.1 x 326.9 mm

Mémoire vive

Lecteur, dimension buffer
2 Mo



Conditions environnementales

Fourchette de température de fonctionnement
10 - 40 °C
Taux d'humidité de fonctionnement
20 - 80 %
Température hors fonctionnement
-40 - 66 °C
Humidité hors fonctionnement
10 - 95 %



Transmition des données

Taux de transfert de données (compressées) soutenu
3 Mo/s
Taux de transfert de données soutenu (native)
6 Mo/s
Taux de transfert de pointe (Burst)
20 Mo/s



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