Fanvil X305 Big Button IP Phone Specialized for Seniors

Fanvil X305 Big Button IP Phone Specialized for Seniors - Fanvil



Shenzhen, China - Nov 23, 2023 - Fanvil, a leading global Audio & Video - IoT devices provider, today announced the release of a new member of IP phone, X305 Big Button IP Phone. It boasts advanced features, including built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, a 3.5-inch color display with an intuitive user interface and 10-digit keys with Braille dots to meet special needs of seniors.

The long-standing issues that have been troubling the elderly, such as poor memory, weak vision, and frequent forgetfulness or misdialing of numbers, will now be effectively addressed with the advent of X305

X305 features a large 3.5-inch color screen with a simple and clear interface. When there is an incoming call or message, the screen will prompt in a large pop-up window, eliminating concerns for the elderly about missing important information due to poor eyesight. It supports HD audio with codecs G.722 and Opus, and is equipped with hands-free and volume control keys, allowing users to effortlessly adjust the sound for a truly clear listening experience.

The most prominent feature that sets the X305 apart from ordinary IP phones is its oversized keypad design. With larger and well-spaced keys, seniors need not worry about accidental presses, significantly reducing the probability of dialing errors. Additionally, the digit keys on the X305 are equipped with raised Braille dots, providing convenience for users with visual impairments, enabling them to make calls effortlessly without the need for assistance.

X305 features four speed dial buttons with customizable number settings, enabling users to input and store contact numbers according to their preferences. With a simple press, users can easily call their contacts without the hassle of memorizing or manually dialing phone numbers. The images on each button can also be personalized with the contact's photo, eliminating the need for seniors to worry about forgetting phone numbers or manually writing them down one by one.

X305 not only features a prominent HELP button on the keyboard for one-click emergency assistance but also supports 433MHz wireless buttons (Fanvil KT 1x/2x/3x Series), catering to various scenarios. The compact and lightweight KT10 is suitable for the elderly to carry around, either in hand or hanging around the neck. The KT20, slightly larger in size, can be handheld or securely attached to surfaces like tables using the provided 3M tape. With its IP65 protection rating, the KT30 offers effective dust and water resistance, allowing installation on bathroom walls for added convenience in emergencies.

*  433MHz wireless buttons are to be purchased separately.

With thoughtful design and practical features, Fanvil X305 Big Button IP Phone and accompanying accessories represent a breakthrough in promoting accessibility, convenience, and safety for the elderly. As technology continues to evolve, Fanvil remains dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for users through cutting-edge Audio & Video - IoT devices.


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