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Sipwise develops open source based communication platforms for Telcos and Enterprises, delivers core telecom switching infrastructure to replace legacy systems and enables new over-the-top (OTT) services for telecom operators.

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Our focus is on the design, development and integration of carrier-grade, next-generation communication Voice over IP platforms (VoIP). We offer Class 5 and Class 4 Softswitch solutions with Cloud PBX, WebRTC and mobile App modules.

Our offer to Communication Service Providers (CSPs) stands out with an unbeaten price-to-performance ratio, ease of integration in the CSPs technical, OSS and BSS infrastructure and, not to mention, outstanding flexibility. We serve Telcos and Internet Service Providers (ISP) in Europe, Africa and America, key industry references trust our excellent team.

In the rapidly growing market of Internet communications, VoIP has become a core service for ISPs. For implementing these new game-changing services, strong partners are needed, who really understand their market. Sipwise management and its engineers have deep academic and practical experience in the area of highly available internet and voice services as well as complex soft- and hardware solutions.

The Sipwise team develops software solutions that are among the most widely used in the Telco community and contribute significantly to industry-standard open source SIP software. We also provide years of experience in developing and operating large-scale Internet service platforms, including the design and complex integration into OSS and BSS ecosystems.

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