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Established in 1990, Daisytek Computers LLC. is a leading wholesale trader and one of the largest printer consumables & computer accessories stockist in the Middle East. Headquarted in Dubai we serve customers worldwide. We have built for ourselves an enviable reputation in the region having the industry’s leading brands associated with our company. Our belief in specialization has helped us maintain the focus on customers and products. Offering the latest range of products at competitive prices, our large number of warehouses ensures stock availability at all times ensuring timely delivery coordinated by our super efficient logistics team. Our highly committed sales team ensures customer satisfaction by gaining customer confidence through utmost performance & friendly communication that meets their requirements and expectations. Our employees establish a one-to-one relationship to maintain their customers. We understand what it takes to be successful in todays extremely competitive, predominantly price driven marketplace. Therefore we provide competitive pricing and service to add bottom line value to our customers, whilst striving to maintain the highest standards of ethical business conduct in our relationships with customers & suppliers. ACTIVITIES Dealing only in 100% Genuine OEM products we supply global brands and quality products to independent dealers throughout the world. We offer products from all the global brands such as HP, CANON, BROTHER, EPSON, LEXMARK


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