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High-performance single-chip DLP projector with 1080p, SXGA+ or WUXGA resolution up to 3,300 lumens

10-bit color processing, Real Color™ technology
Fully networkable with remote asset management capabilities
Various installation configurations including portrait mode

~The F22-series is the ultimate compact performance projector for technically challenging and demanding applications. Providing world-class technology, a functional and innovative design, the F22 delivers an unmatched level of performance, reliability, automation and customization.

The design is in the details
Featuring WUXGA, 1080p and SXGA+ resolutions with up to 3,300 lumens, the F22 ensures the best possible result for your image needs in every situation. Its compact footprint makes smart use of valuable installation area and reduces the resources required during physical installation. Once mounted, lamp changes can be done with the projector in situ, saving both time and money.

Performance you can count on
The F22-series projectors are specifically engineered for demanding environments such as motion-based simulators or theme park rides, where reliability and performance are paramount. Each projector is manufactured and meticulously tested and calibrated in the Barco center of excellence in Norway. The product is warranted for 24/7 operation and is supported around-the-clock by Barco’s global service and support team.

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Contacter BARCO SAS
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