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Altaro VM Backup for MSPs is a monthly subscription program enabling Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to provide their customers with backup and replication services for Hyper-V and VMware virtual machines and any physical servers. It includes a multi-tenant cloud-based console that allows MSPs to centrally manage backups and billing across all their customers. There are no upfront fees or binding contracts: MSPs pay per VM (and per physical server) per month with the flexibility to set their own pricing. They can also bill for backup storage and replication if they opt to provide these services. Priority 24/7 support is included.

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Altaro Ltd

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Altaro is a fast-growing developer of robust backup solutions for managed service providers (MSPs), IT resellers and companies. With 50,000+ customers in 121+ countries worldwide, 10,000 partners and 2 ... En savoir +

Contacter Altaro Ltd
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