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As enterprises navigate major technology shifts across disparate computing environments, the management of network security becomes so complex that delays, outages and security lapses are common and costly.

FireMon GPC delivers frictionless management for these hybrid environments, giving line-of-business leaders, application owners and security managers a single, consistent operating model that improves security, increases agility and reduces cost.

Continuous enforcement of security policy is made possible by FireMon’s patent-pending Policy Compute Engine, which provides:

Dynamic Policy Change – GPC instantly adapts security as it detects network changes, creating a continuous state of security across the IT environment.

Embedded Security – Before any applications or assets are pushed onto the network, GPC automatically performs a compliance check to ensure the right policies are assigned.

Intent Translation – GPC automatically translates business intent into device rules with no human intervention, enabling new applications to securely deploy in seconds.

Automated Distribution – GPC automatically distributes rules to the enforcement point, eliminating delays caused by traditional, manual rule creation and provisioning.

Single-Console Solution – GPC provides a single pane of glass for security managers to verify network security posture.
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