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The volume of security data today far exceeds most security teams’ capacity to assess if it indicates current or potential threats eluding defenses. Moreover, new infrastructure paradigms, such as cloud/mobile-centric architectures and dynamic-by-design infrastructures (e.g. Software-Defined Networks (SDN)), are increasing the complexity of security and infrastructure data analysis. Combined with a more sophisticated, determined adversary and an avalanche of data, it’s clear that analysis needs exceed the capabilities of current data analysis systems, resulting in increased risk from security incidents.


Analytics-Enabled Threat Hunting and Investigation Platform

Enables security operations to analyze, investigate, and automate threat detection and response. Immediate Insight merges machine learning, natural language and social media concepts in a simple, workflow-centric interface to reveal relationships in the data that you didn’t even know to look for. Our analytics, orchestration, and workflow transform complex and disparate data into immediately actionable data across public and private cloud environments.

- Enriches security data with important contextual information

- Finds common themes and entities spanning entities and event clusters

- Identifies changes in data patterns – common and uncommon, sources and entities

- Gains insight from previous users’ observations

- Uses tags to enable users to add observations directly to the data

- Integrates external threat intelligence and cloud resident data and analytics from services from like Palo Alto Networks Application Framework
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