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IT teams at large enterprise organizations are constantly balancing network access requests with maintaining strong security policy. Traditional processes to accomplish this have been manual and inefficient, allowing troublesome or outdated rules to slip through the cracks. Network and security management teams require targeted intelligence that details justification for every access policy.

Policy Optimizer for FireMon Security Manager is a workflow solution that automates the change review process and gives firewall administrators detailed intelligence to adapt network access over time.


Policy Optimizer automates the rule review and recertification workflow with firewall-specific functions that:

- Assign rule review tasks based on existing properties and documentation

- Document all decisions and justifications in FireMon Security Manager

- Ensure ongoing compliance with standards, including PCI DSS, NERC-CIP, HIPAA and SOX

- Produce reports detailing rule review decisions for auditors and other interested parties

- Streamline workflow between operations and management
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