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As enterprise and device configurations continue to grow in complexity, managing and implementing change has become more and more difficult. Manual upkeep of ever-changing demands on network access and security is nearly impossible. This approach is not only time-consuming; it leaves room for error along the way.

Policy Planner for FireMon Security Manager is an intelligent workflow solution that automates the change process and gives firewall administrators the tools they need to evolve policy and protection over time.

Policy Planner provides Intelligent Policy Automation at every stage of the change management process.

Set up a request form that captures all relevant information from the start.

Check the request against existing rule base for similar access to avoid unnecessary rule creation.

Simulate the impact of every rule change on security and compliance prior to implementation.

Automatically send the rule to the reviewer or establish a threshold to skip review for low-risk changes.

Choose when to automatically push new rules to the device itself (for supported vendors).

Once a rule is live, automatically verify that it met established criteria and followed approved processes.

Document & Monitor
Automatically document rule changes and continuously monitor new rules within Security Manager.
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